Prompt formatting

Each mode has its own formatting. Knowing which format you should provide for a specific model will help getting better results out of it. Please refer to the available models table to know which format is the best for your model.

Simple format (user-assistant)

The bare minimum, that works with nearly all chat-oriented models is to use a chat-log style pattern.


USER: {prompt}

You then let the model continue the conversation. You can also add a system prompt just before.


USER: {prompt}

Alpaca format

Following the release of alpaca by stanford, the instruction prompting used in their datasetopen in new window has been widely used in models.

Example of prompting:

Below is an instruction that describes a task, paired with an input that provides further context. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.

### Instruction:

### Input:

### Response:

Please note that the input part is optionnal. There has been variants of it for chats too. Where each chat participant has its name prepended with "### " and replaces the Instruction/Input/Response pattern:


### USER:



ChatML format has become a standard to avoid prompt injection.

Here is an example of its use:

Provide some context and/or instructions to the model.
The user’s message goes here

You then let the model continue, and it will create an answer for the assistant.

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